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Towbars for Cars

Here at Pro Bars (2008) Ltd our trained towbar technicians ensure that all towbars meet our 16 point safety checklist. The current owners of the company focus on safety and customer satisfaction for all our clients.

We have over 150 towbar jigs on site, but can custom build towbars for all makes and models of vehicle.

The towbar installation process covers building the towbar, removing and refitting bumpers, wiring in a 7-pin flat plug and the fitting and safety checking the towbars. This can be completed same day.

On the towbar we put a sticker with three ratings stated on it, the rating includes braked, unbraked and tongue load. This is an indication of the weights your
vehicle can tow. Refer to owners manual for the manufacturers specifications. What the ratings mean, braked rating is the weight of the trailer you are towing that has brakes on it (pulling strength), the unbraked rating is the weight of the trailer you are towing without brakes on it (pulling strength), and the tongue load means the downward pressure on the towbar(downward force). If you tow more than the recommended towing rate you are more likely to have an accident and hurt or harm any person, also if you over tow you will not be able to claim insurance and there will also be no third party insurance if you hit someone and damage their car. Extra canter-levered items in the towball e.g. bike racks and dog houses lessen the strength.

There are three different options for wiring depending on your vehicle. All options have a 7-pin flat plug. There is the standard wiring for common cars. VMTi (also know as CST) wiring if you have LED tail lights, vehicle computer controls, body control module, electronic control module, light control module. VMTi (also know as CST) wiring if you have earth side switching, e.g. Jaguar, Commodore, European car, 24 v – 12 v reducers e.g. Nissan Safari, Motorhomes, American Stop/Indicator combined tail lights, compatible with trailers with LED lights.

New Zealand does not have an official size towball. We install a 1 7/8” which is typical of New Zealand built trailers, caravans and other general towed items. There is the option of a 50mm (2”) ball which typically is use for commercial trailers and some caravans. There are other options of towballs such as long shaft sizes available for people who have stabilizers.

Don’t think that cars are the only vehicles that we install towbars on. Pro Bars have install towbars on tri-cycles, quad bikes and tractors.

All our tongues are approx. 400mm high of the ground. Tongues can be changed to higher, lower or longer depending on your requirements.

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Very good, friendly service. Job well done.


Ian Brown

Excellent service and fantastic job, I asked for my tow bar to be as hidden as possible and they did an amazing job! well priced as well. Extremely pleased.


Heather Macarthur

Great service and products


Shaun O'Reilly

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