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Pro Bars (2008) Ltd can design and manufacture trailer to your needs and wants. From the most basic garden trailer to a tandem car trailer. Our workshop has the facilities and expertise to repair or customise any trailer option.

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custom trailer manufacturer pro bars hamilton

Backing guide

Protect your bumper when backing your vehicle to your trailer, this helps to get your trailer on first time.

Towball cover

Protect your towball from rust, and keep your vehicle looking tidy with this chrome finished towball cover.

General Welding

We can do general welding.

Shin Protector

Protect your shins and the shins of people you love with our shin protector, it sits around the towball and covers the steel with rubber to make it softer if you bump into it.

Duo-Ball or Convert-a-ball

Have trailers that are both 50mm and 1 7/8”, we have to quick and easy answer to that problem, a duo-ball. It is so simple just turn the ball and pull off and put the other size on and turn into place.

Rhino Roof Racks

We are a supplier of the Rhino Roof Rack range.

Bike Rack Extensions

MTA Gift Vouchers

These vouchers have replaced the traditional MTA petrol vouchers. They can be used for most motoring goods which include towbars, servicing, WOFing, panel and painting and vehicle recovery. As well as fuel.

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Very good, friendly service. Job well done.


Ian Brown

Excellent service and fantastic job, I asked for my tow bar to be as hidden as possible and they did an amazing job! well priced as well. Extremely pleased.


Heather Macarthur

Great service and products


Shaun O'Reilly

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