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An A-frame is a towing alternative to the Car Dolly. Typically they are used to tow small 4WD’s or cars behind motorhomes.

A-frames weight about 25kg and fold up for easy storage. A-frames can be used instead of towing with a rope.

Our A-frames are rated to 2,000kg. This is a towing weight i.e. the laden weight of the car being towed. We also have a different style of A-frame that can tow up to 2,500kg for large utes and SUV’s.

You cannot back with a A-frame connected to both vehicles. Backing will cause damage to the A-frame. We also recommend that when turning corners or going around a roundabout that you drive to the widest possible circumference (do not take the corners tightly)

Also try to avoid travelling on un-even ground, such as pulling on to grass road sides to pull over for an oncoming vehicle, this can also damage and twist the A-Frame.

a frames hamilton pro bars

A-Frame Bags

a frame bags hamilton pro bars

After many requests from our customers, we have now got heavy-duty, black padded bags. Custom designed for Pro Bars 2008 Limited A-Frames.

These can be made in a variety of colours if we have the lead time. Currently, the only stock we have on hand is Black.

If you are wanting to purchase a bag when you get you’re A-Frame installed please let us know so we can ensure we have stock on hand as they are selling out FAST.

Please call the office to enquire now.

We recommend that you carry out your own due diligence as to the suitability of your vehicle for having an A-Frame fitted – prior to booking with us.

Click the button to refer to the A-Frame towing fact sheet 75 by NZTA

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Very good, friendly service. Job well done.


Ian Brown

Excellent service and fantastic job, I asked for my tow bar to be as hidden as possible and they did an amazing job! well priced as well. Extremely pleased.


Heather Macarthur

Great service and products


Shaun O’Reilly

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