Car Dollies

car-dollyPro Bars (2008) Ltd has been producing Car Dollies since 2009. The car dolly is an alternative to A-framing, using a two rope using a cumbersome tandem car trailer.

Mostly we sell our car dollies to the Motorhome community. We also sell them to Car Dealers and other business that occasionally require to tow vehicles. If you are using it mainly for recovery we can attached a winch to make the recovery easier.

With a car dolly you simply drive your vehicle onto the dolly’s flat bed so that your front wheels are off the pavement. The dolly is attached to your motor home’s towball via the coupling. For many people this offers an appealing way to have a vehicle towed behind their motorhome. There is no physical strength required.

We have included a degree of steerability via the floating turntable so that the dolly will follow the towing vehicle. This will eliminate extra wear and tear on the rear tyres of your towed vehicle.
The car dolly’s bed is made of checkerplate which helps with grip and minimises movement whilst
in transit. The towed car is held on by covers over the front wheels that are strapped to the flat
bed. There are also extra hooks if you wish to attach the safety chain to the chassis of the car
dolly as well.

A car dolly cannot tow a 4-wheel drive vehicle. All other 2-wheel drive vehicles are fine to be

The car dollies drawbar can be slide under the motorhome at camping grounds to save on space
if required.


Note: the car dolly pictures are not exactly what you may order as we have updated the look.

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