Pro Bars of Frankton has received new product in time for Christmas


At Pro Bars, located on King Street in Frankton, the arrival of new hitches for towbars has buoyed Andrea Andrew and the team right in time for Christmas. The new product is top of the line, and will see Pro Bars take their stock to the next level.

The EZ HD and EZ 2 pins are simple, easy to use hitches. They are used to adjust the height of a vehicle’s towball, making towing easy and quick. “What we loved about these products is that they are really easy to use, and tutorials can be found online for them as well,” says Andrea Andrew, co-owner of Pro Bars. Of course, as with any product, the experienced staff at Pro Bars are ready to answer any questions on their new hitches or any of their range.

“The new EZ HD and EZ 2 pins are top range hitches and are a welcome addition,” continues Andrea. Christmas is always a busy time within the business and the new product adds to the demand which Pro Bars are likely to receive during this period. Pro Bars have a large backlog of orders waiting to be completed during the period, so the time to book is now for any towbar jobs.

The hitches come in two sizes, 4” and 8”, and are suitable to most motor vehicles, as Andrea says: “Most vehicles can use these hitches, but of course our team are available if customers have any questions.” The team at Pro Bars will provide you with answers to any questions you may have about the new EZ hitches.

If you are wanting to order these new hitches, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Pro Bars.



Pro Bars have you covered with the best Car Dolly and A-frame service

Pro Bars of King Street in Hamilton are dedicated to providing their consumers with the best experience possible. This is especially evident in their Car Dolly and A-frame range, which has seen customers ordering well in advance in order to receive New Zealand’s most expert service.DSC01378 (2)

A Car Dolly is a simple system and is very easy to operate. For new Motorhome owners, it is a must to have a Car Dolly with them, as transportation of their vehicle is simple with this device. The front wheels of the vehicle are attached to the pads of the dolly, and then the dolly is attached to the towbar of the Motorhome.

Using a Car Dolly holds many benefits. The main benefit of a Car Dolly is that the system can be operated by just one person, as the weight is not too heavy to be operated comfortably by an individual. Also, a Car Dolly can be used to all vehicles, except 4wd. For all Motor Home owners, a Car Dolly is a must for the safest and easiest transportation possible.

An alternative to the Car Dolly is an A-frame. A mount is built specifically for an individual vehicle (not multi use as the car dolly is), but is still effective in transportation. The key with using an A-frame is to carry out due diligence as to the suitability of your vehicle for having one fitted – and to know the safety procedures around having one.

Pro Bars suggest that prior tobooking in their car to have the A-frame mount installed, consumers have done research around whether or not an A-frame is right for their vehicle. Pro Bars also ask that clients read the NZTA fact sheet 75 on A-framing.

Pro Bars are also running a competition throughout the month of December. The competition has a prize in the form of a returned deposit on a Car Dolly service. The service must be booked prior to Christmas for completion after March, so get in quick if you want to be up for the prize.




Book now at Pro Bars of Frankton for all your holiday touch-ups

At Pro Bars 2008 Ltd of Frankton, Hamilton, Christmas is literally just around the corner. With Christmas comes a backlog of jobs to do, as consumers book in their towbar touch-up jobs before leaving for the holidays.


Co-owner Andrea Andrew says that it is vital that if customers want their jobs done in time that they start booking now. “We already have a major backlog. If the trend continues, some customers may unfortunately not have their job done by the time they are expecting.”


It is the reality in a world where Pro Bars is the leader in all towbar needs. The quality of the services which Andrea and her team provides mean that customers are filing in. The holiday period can be a time of chaos as it is, and for consumers to be set to go away booking now is important.


Furthermore, if you are going away on holiday and require a towbar fitted, now is also the time to book in and get the job done. Pro Bars are Hamilton’s number one provider of towbars, towbar accessories, car dollies and A frames. They hold a large emphasis on building products with safety in mind, meaning that customers are always left satisfied.


If you own a motorhome or caravan, it may be time to check your towbar before Christmas sneaks up. The team and Pro Bars can do this for you, and are always on hand with quality service and the dedication to providing value to customers. They supply towbars for nearly all makes and models around New Zealand so they will be able to help you out.


Andrea says that Pro Bars Ltd “is like a family. We treat each other that way and that’s why our consumers stick with us. We will treat all comers the same.” So head on in or contact Pro Bars today to be fully prepared for the coming holidays.


Frankton-based businesses Pro Bars and Beaut Utes team up in a win-win for customers


Pro Bars and Beaut Utes, both of Frankton, Hamilton, have teamed up to make sure that all of your car needs are covered. The partnership is one which both businesses believe is beneficial for consumers.


Pro Bars co-owner Andrea Andrew says that the relationship with Beaut Utes was a no-brainer for Pro Bars: “We knew it would ultimately provide value for our customers. Anything which we do not offer but Beaut Utes does, we can easily refer our customers on.”


For customers who own a Ute especially, the relationship means that they can easily find what they are looking for from a brand that is trustworthy. Both businesses are dedicated to providing consumers with quality service and satisfaction. It is this dedication that Beaut Utes director Jon Blewett says that drew the two businesses together.


“We weren’t just going to partner with any business – we needed to have the same visions. Pro Bars hold similar values to us which is perfect. We both want our customers to leave satisfied, and this makes it easy to refer customers on to them. We know that Pro Bars will reflect well on us and vice versa.”


What assists the businesses working in unison is that they are in close proximity. Since they are both Frankton-based businesses, customers will not have to worry about driving a long way if they are referred on. The businesses are literally just around the corner from one another.


The partnership means that customers can now enjoy top quality providers of tow bar and utility accessories. For whichever need you require, have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered by two of Hamilton’s premier businesses.




Check out Pro Bars for the best deals on Car Dollies and A Frames

Pro Bars, located at 28 King Street, Frankton, Hamilton, have the best deals and all the experience required to give you 100% satisfaction every time.


Their car dollies and A-frames are an example of this and if you are interested in purchasing either of these products then Pro Bars is the team to see.


Car dollies are used to tow 2 wheel drive vehicles. However, 4 wheel drives are unable to be towed using a car dolly because of the platform where the wheels get tied to. Pro Bars has a multitude of experience in selling to the Motorhome community especially, so if you are looking to go away on holiday during the upcoming summer make sure that you see them for all your car dolly needs.


Car dollies can come with different option extras like, ramp holders, spare wheels and winches to name a few.

A-frames are an alternative to the car dolly in that they can be used to tow small 4 wheel drives and are especially popular within cars behind motorhomes. They can take up to a 2000kg load and therefore have the capacity to tow most small to medium sized vehicles. If you are a recent motorhome owner make sure to pop into Pro Bars to see if an A-frame is right for you.


Pro Bars’ co-owner Andrea Andrew is excited about the range of products that Pro Bars has to offer. “Both A-frames and car dollies are popular amongst our customers. We know that we have the knowledge to leave them 100% happy with their purchase.” It is this dedication to customer satisfaction that sets Pro Bars apart from its competition. They hold a large emphasis around quality at an affordable price which sits well with all consumers.


If you are interested in purchasing a car dolly or A-frame, or interested in finding out more, contact the team at Pro Bars today. They are more than willing to help you out and will satisfy all of your needs.

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