A-frames is a towing alternative to the Car Dolly. Typically they are used to tow small 4WD’s or cars behind motorhomes.

A-frames weight about 20kg and fold up for easy storage. A-frames can be used instead of towing with a rope.

Our A-frames are rated to 2,000kg. This is a towing weight i.e. the laden weight of the car being

We recommend that you carry out your own due diligence as to the suitability of your vehicle for having an A-Frame fitted – prior to booking with us. 

Our A-frames are not intending for backing. Backing will cause damage to the A-frame. We also recommend that when turning corners or going around a roundabout that you drive to the widest possible circumference (do not take the corners tightly)

Also try to avoid travelling on un-even ground, such as pulling on to grass road sides to pull over for an oncoming vehicle, this can also damage and twist the A-Frame. 

Please refer to the A-Frame towing fact sheet 75 on the NZTA website. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/factsheets/75/index.html



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